1st U4EU Community Dialogue Event in Germany

The 1st U4EU Community Dialogue Event was organized by our partners @KMGNE in Germany in 18-19 September 2021. In this event, young people from 4 partner countries (Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Bulgaria) participated.

During this weekend, different activities and workshops were carried out. The topics ranged from “Speaking against hate speeches and racism”, “Emotions and feelings management”, workshops about diversity and sexism, system-critic, “Yoga or herb-discovery tour”. In addition creative workshop sessions, such as creative writing/rap, creative utopias, free creative space were organized. During the workshops, the participants had the opportunity to discuss and criticize various topics and concepts (e.g. sexism,  power, economy, environment, etc.) and to think about alternatives which will contribute to the development of a more functional society.

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