2nd U4EU Community Dialogue Event in the Netherlands

The 2nd U4EU Community Dialogue Event was organized by our partner @Cross Cultural Bridges in the Netherlands in the 13th and 14th of November 2021. In this event, young people from 4 partner countries (the Netherlands, Italy, Germany and Hungary) participated. 

During this weekend, different activities and group works were carried out to debate the Future of Europe and “Living Well” (“Buen Vivir”). On the first day, group works on how we perceive « living well » and games  were organized, before watching the U4EU video and preparing the dinner altogether while talking philosophically about « Food for Thought ». On the second day, the participants had breakfast in the Ceuvel, an “incubator” spot in Amsterdam-North and had a walk in which they visited other incubator spots. 

During this weekend, the atmosphere and energy were great and the event received very enthusiastic reactions from the participants. 

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